Of all the ways someone can swing a golf club downwards towards the ground the most common pattern of many amateur golfers is a swing path that travels from outside the target line to inside the target line as the golf ball is being struck.

Commonly referred to as an ‘over the top’ golf swing this pattern produces golf shots that travel to the left of the target line with short irons and violently spinning left to right shots with the longer and straighter faced clubs.
























I’d like to share with you one of the best strategies I’ve used with amateur golfers to help them to develop a better swing path-one that produces golf shots that are more solidly hit and that travel with minimal to no curvature.

The hit impulse is an automatic response that bypasses the golfer’s attempts to swing the golf club downwards on a path that would produce straighter and more consistent golf shots.

Basically the golfer drives their arms and club on a direct path towards the ball. This is what I describe as a two dimensional downswing path because the golf club is propelled outwards (A) towards the ball and forwards (B) through the ball.
























The crucial part missing from the equation is the downward part. From the top of the backswing the downswing begins with DOWN then SWING.

The idea is to understand that the golf club travels towards the golf ball on an indirect path. From the top of the backswing (A) it travels downwards as one unit-that is the arms and club move in one piece. You could say that it’s a one piece downswing.

How do you do it? The easiest way for me to explain it to you is for you to find your way of delaying the unwinding of your shoulders from the top until the arms and club have travelled downwards to a lower plane (B) before the golf club travels outwards and forwards through the ball (C) and into the finish of your stroke.

Do you best to keep your back facing the target for longer and you will set up the ideal DOWN swing sequence that will move the golf club on a path that travels outwards through the ball rather than across the ball. You can do this by controlling your armswing and shoulders consciously and deliberately or by using your lower body insuch a way that the result is that the shoulders are delayed.

Initially your shots will travel to the right, but over time (not too long) you’ll start to notice a difference in your shots. They will start more along your target line and fade off to the right. You will then need to change the way you release your golf club that’s compatible with your new downswing sequence. Check out my youtube “The Most Important Golf Swing Release” http://youtu.be/J-yO1V-chGM where I get into more detail about how to develop a compatible release of your golf club to hit your shots straighter and longer with your new downswing.

Until next time,

Lawrie Montague