Swing the Golf Club So You Score Lower and Play More Consistently


I know why the majority of amateur golfers play to higher handicaps and golf scores than they should. They shoot higher golf scores and have higher handicaps because they simply don’t have a better way to go about playing golf and producing lower golf scores.

They limit their potential for lower golf scores by basically playing the same way every time they play, which is to say, they think about their golf the same way every time and so their behaviour tends to reflect this through their scores.

The only way around this is to develop a different way of playing. I’m not talking about developing a different style of swing, just a different way to play.

When someone like me talks about learning a different way of playing golf, golfers usually think that I’m talking about changing their golf swing technique. I’m not, because that would be crazy considering that most golfers will never devote the time required to change their stroke pattern.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, if you wanted to change an aspect of your golf swing technique you would need to apply a minimum of one hundred and fifty hours to do it.

Now what golfer in their right mind would want to do that?

And here’s the kicker… there’s no guarantee that what you changed would actually make you play better. What a scary thought that is.

No, it’s much easier for you to just go about changing the way you go about playing. In other words change your strategy firstly in your mind by becoming more confident in your approach to hitting your golf shots by choosing to play shots that are well within your capability limits.

Instead of hitting a driver off the tee that rarely if ever goes where it’s supposed to go try your 3 wood or even your 5 wood from the tee. On your approach shot into the green take more club than you normally would. If you’re trying to force a 9 iron to the green, hit a smooth 7 iron.

If you’re trying to hit a delicate pitch shot over the bunker to a tight pin, pitch it well behind the pin and take two putts. I know you get the idea. Make golf easier rather than difficult. Choose the shot that for you works 7 times out of 10-not the shot that comes off 2 times out of 10.

This great game is so much more enjoyable when you leave the ego at the club and play well within your limitations. The next time you go to play golf, play with the 7 out of 10 rule and I guarantee you that in the weeks and months ahead you will play better, shoot lower golf scores and have a lot more fun.

Until next time,

Lawrie Montague


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2 Responses to “Swing the Golf Club So You Score Lower and Play More Consistently”
  1. jerry says:

    I tend to cast the club at the top., I tend not to have lag. I tend to sweep the ball. I tend to hit the ball fat. I have been taking lessons about one year. I do not feel that the pros at Tilden Park give very good advice and drills for improvement.

  2. lawrie says:

    Thanks for your comments and I can certainly appreciate your frustration at not improving after one year. I have produced some free videos on my golf channel which I hope that you will watch to give you some more insights into how to improve your lack of lag in your golf swing. I wish you the best of luck with your golf development and I think that it would be wise to research golf instructors in your region that have a solid reputation for improving your particular golf swing challenge.


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