How To Practice Golf: Master Your Wedge Game and Lower Your Golf Score


Is there is anything more exciting than playing the golf round of your life; you know the round where you hit it straighter than usual, hole more putts than usual, and write down a lower golf score than usual? Now that is fun! And wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could produce more of these magical rounds of golf? Well you can but you’re going to have to change a couple of your habits to make it happen.

Firstly let’s clear the air about some of those habits that you have. I’m not talking about golf swing habits here; I’m talking about your motivation to buy a better golf game. Yes I know you’ve heard it all before. But seriously, a putter with a name on it doesn’t make it a better putter, just a more expensive one. And a different coloured driver head doesn’t translate into longer tee-shots. Sure, in the motoring world a red Ferrari will go faster than a red Hyundai but they will both get you from A to B. One ride is just more expensive than the other.

In this post I’m not debating about whether one brand is better than another, what I am going to share with you is that one type of golf shot is a lot more valuable than another type of golf shot. And by spending more time mastering this golf shot, you will lower your golf scores and have a lot more fun playing golf.

Did you know that the best golfers in the world hit on average about 67 percent of their approach irons onto the green and drive the ball into the fairway about 65 percent of the time?  The one factor that defines the level of their competitive performance is how effective they are at producing consistently low golf scores. And as much as it is important to hit full golf shots solidly and consistently, compared to the short-game there is no comparison. The short-game rules!

When you look at the statistics of tour players-two statistics stand out; how far they hit it from the hole from within 100 yards (Proximity to hole) and how many putts they have (Scrambling). Successful tour golfers are exceptional with a wedge in their hand from within 100 yards, and are also great putters from within 16 feet of the hole.

So why should it be different for you? If you hit your wedges closer to the hole you will have a lower score average regardless of the type of putter you’re using. The probability of holing putts is increased the closer to the hole you hit your shot. Not rocket science I know, but in my experience definitely the key performance factor that will drive your high score average down and the one overlooked the most when golfers are striving for improvement.





To lower you high score average you need to lower your wedge and putt conversion average. So for all the brave golfers reading this that want to genuinely lower their high score average, the following strategy will improve this critical to performance skill set.

1. Learn to Hit Wedge Shots With a Much Shorter Arm Swing
When you hit shots within 100 yards of the green control the length of your arm swing so that you never swing your hands higher than your trailing shoulder. (Opposite to target side shoulder) I call this the ‘Green Zone’ and it is a simple and straightforward guideline for keeping your arm-swing between your hips and shoulders on the back-swing.

  1. 2. Always Complete the Finish of Your Stroke
    Fold your arms over your shoulder on all shots within 100 yards. In other words complete the finish of your stroke. Finishing the stroke ensures that you generate momentum so that there is very little de-acceleration through impact. I call it a short-long stroke which means a short and compact back-swing and a long follow-through.

  2. 3. Aim For Solid Contact First and Direction Second

    The key is to develop a shorter and compact stroke that hits the ball more out of the center of the club-face first. Then you can work on your accuracy. You’d be surprised how many golfers don’t hit the green when they play from within 100 yards.4. Use The Wedge Chart to Focus on Controlling Your Wedge Distances

    I developed a really simple table to help you to improve your expectations of hitting your approach wedge shots in relation to the hole. The following table has three categories of golfer;

  • High handicap golfer – golfing standard from 95 strokes to 120 strokes
  • Low handicap golfer – golfing standard from 80 to 95 strokes
  • Tour pro golfer – golfing standard below 80 strokes



I have never met a golfer who couldn’t lower their golf score average by hitting their approach wedges closer to the hole from within 100 yards. Set yourself a goal over the next 12 weeks to focus sixty percent of your available practice time to work on the four wedge success strategies I’ve shared with you in this post and you will discover that the closer that you hit your golf shots to the hole the more putts you’ll make leading to lowering your high golf score average.

Until next time.

Lawrie Montague

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4 Responses to “How To Practice Golf: Master Your Wedge Game and Lower Your Golf Score”
  1. Carl Ahlers says:

    Hello Lawrie, Congrats on an excellent and concise write-up on lowering your golf score. As a player who started playing at around fourty years old, I was having trouble lowering my 23 handicap even with weekly golf lessons for about two years. Work and family did not allow time to practice and I averaged one to two rounds a month. I then started looking at PurePointGolf videos on Youtube and bought their short game videos… Tutorials and practice techniques. Within a month and a half of focussing on this, I broke ninety for the first and second time. This despite having very few fairway drives and even less GIR’s. What I did do was I pitcht or one chip and one putt… 26 putts per game in two consecutive tournaments. First time I broke ninety I played 87. Second time, 83. Needless to say my handicap started to drop like a rock and went down to 15. I then got really busy with my companies and my handicap went up to 18 stable… Played three times in the last seven months. All I do now before a tournament is practice for a week my short game for two hours a day… And I manage to play between 89 and 92 in tournaments, second place on my last one despite hitting only two or so faiways. Practicing the short game is the most important as your article states… Now please teach me to hit fairways!

  2. Dave says:

    Re: #2 above…you don’t believe in teaching and developing Acquired motion?

  3. lawrie says:

    Thanks so much for your question. I’ve been a fan of Homer Kelley since I received my first copy of the yellow book in 1986 when I was playing on tour. My instructor at the time was one of the early Dr’s and he helped me to understand the stroke patterns I needed to play my best golf.
    I wouldn’t say that I don’t believe in teaching and developing acquired motion I just don’t communicate it as precisely to my readers the way Homer and TGM instructors do in 12-5-2. I take my hat off to any golf instructor who teaches TGM and can make a good living.
    In my experience I have found that I need to communicate the principles in ways normal everyday golfers can learn and apply. For example, one of the most experienced TGM instructors on the net has been communicating the principles of TGM since October 2007. His youtube videos have 76,537 views. My youtube channel was started in February 2010 and as of June 17 I have had 829,926 views of my videos. The TGM instructor has 30 more videos on his channel. My point is that I communciate it so I can help more than less. It is not strictly TGM.
    Thanks for taking the time to ask your question, it may not be the answer you’re looking for, but then maybe it is.
    The best of luck to you and your business.

  4. lawrie says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your comments. I’m pleased to read that you have improved your score so much and that your short-game has really helped you.
    If you haven’t done so Carl, I have produced many free youtube videos describing how to improve your full-swing technique.
    Have a look at my free 7 lesson series which thoroughly covers full swing technique.
    Thanks for taking the time to contact me, I wish you continued success with your golf.


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