How to Practice Golf: Ask This Simple but Rarely Asked Question for Guaranteed Golf Improvement


I’ve never bought into the idea that amateur and professional golfers who are stuck on their handicap or score average can’t significantly improve it. I’ve had many golfers tell me that it didn’t matter how many lessons they had, or how many top line instructors they went to, they couldn’t seem to find a way improve their golfing standard.

Based on this knowledge, it would be easy to assume that there are golfers who will never get better than they are, and quite frankly nothing could be further from the truth. Every golfer from amateur to tour professional CAN improve their golf skills and golf score with a carefully thought out and carefully actioned strategy.








So if you want to really improve your performances on the golf course then the following question is the one you need to ask:

“What one skill if I performed it consistently and correctly would be the one most likely to improve my golf score?”

And your answer is?

This is your starting point for golf improvement; not to book in for a series of lessons to try and fix your golf swing. First, you need to begin by asking yourself which of your key golf skills is the weakest-most important skill for improving your score on the golf course.










What is a key golf skill? A key golf skill is any golf skill that has a significant influence on your golf score. A key golf skill is a sub-set of a general golf skill.  Putting is a general skill but a part of putting would be putting from 20 feet down-hill for instance. Chipping is not a key golf skill-but chipping from long grass to a pin that is close to the edge of the green might be for you.

Driving the ball from the tee isn’t a key skill unless you find it difficult to hit your driver into a fairway twenty five yards wide – seventy percent of the time. You see the problem is not the ability of golfers to learn and improve their golf skills; it is taking a general approach to golf improvement when really what you need to be is highly specific.








So the starting point for your golf improvement is for you to ask a good and highly specific question about the way you play. Pick one key skill that will definitely improve your golf score and start there.

Now go and see a competent golf instructor and find the best strategy for improving that key skill and between the two of you work out a suitable practice schedule that will help you to improve that skill and then move onto the next.

Do this and I guarantee that you will lower you golf score average and perform better on the golf course.

Until next time,

Lawrie Montague

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6 Responses to “How to Practice Golf: Ask This Simple but Rarely Asked Question for Guaranteed Golf Improvement”
  1. William says:

    Need help from 150 yds in to the green. I keep getting a little better and this changing my club and messing with my head.

  2. lawrie says:

    If I read your comments correctly you are not trusting the club you pick when you’re within 150 yards of the green.

    The best way I know to choose your club with confidence is to perform a distance check how far you hit each club in the bag which takes the guess out of golf.

    The students at our golf college all have to go through this procedure with each club with the distances recorded with a lazer so they know exactly how fay they hit their irons and woods.

    This requires help from a friend but will definitely help you to choose your club confidently.

    Most golfers are relying on a guess to hit thier shot from A to B and by simply hitting shots at a park (or similar) recording 10 shots with each club in your bag and having a friend place a tee in the ground where each ball lands and lazering back the distance you will know for certain the potential of each club.

    I hope this advice helps you to be more confident with your approach shots.

    Thanks for your comments and the best of luck with your game.

    Kind Regards,

    Lawrie Montague

  3. Alex says:

    I finally understand the down swing, however, knowing and doing are not the same. I have always been a caster who had decent practice swings, but awful real swings that that have resulted in scores from 83 to 106. What I need is how to start the down swing. Watching Luke I can see a “bump” or slide of the hip before it rotates which puts the body behind the ball and tilted to a new bottom of the swing to the target side of the ball. I can understand the pull down (sometimes referred to ringing the bell) and pulling the grip end of the club towards the target. I just can’t do it. I don’t know if you add some thing like this to your remaining lessons?

    Anyway I will continue to watch your web site. Living in Texas eliminates a trip to you, although I would love to go to Australia.

  4. lawrie says:

    Thanks Alex for your feedback. Casting the club is a very natural reaction to hitting a golf ball that is on the ground and to the side of you.

    After all, when the golf club is at the top it is completely logical to hit at the ball (which is in-front of you).

    As a consequence we develop a pattern of movement that is perfect for hitting at the ball-but not swinging through the ball.

    I know it is very difficult to change but it is possible to improve it so that you achieve a better and more consistent impact.

    You’re are correct with your theory of a ‘bump’ to initiate the downswing sequence and to be as precise as possible push the hip directly onto the knee and ankle before you rotate your hips.

    When I get a chance I’ll upload a video lesson on this important aspect of golf swing performance.

    Watch my video lesson on my channel entitled ‘the balanced golf swing’ which delves more into how to swing in balance. Please ignore the aweful wind noise in it, but the content of the video lesson itself will help you to make that transitional move more easily.

    Kind Regards,

    Lawrie Montague

  5. acuturic says:

    for me the answer is definitely putting! but i don’t even know how to break it down into putting subsets? i am inconsistent from everywhere. perhaps start with relatively close putts and work my way out? any suggestions?

  6. lawrie says:

    I have written an article based on your question that I know it will help you to build confidence in your putting skills.


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